Generation Eclipse – #1: It’s Coming!


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#1:  Today’s generation of American adults were born and raised in the 20th century, which was a “dark age” of American eclipses.  However, a “golden age” of 21st century American total solar eclipses begins on Monday, August 21, 2017 with the first coast-to-coast eclipse in a century.  Today’s young generation of Americans will see FIVE total solar eclipses over the USA in the next 35 years.  This will be a defining feature of their lifetimes.  You’ve heard of the Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials… today’s American youth is GENERATION ECLIPSE!

Generation Eclipse is an educational comic strip feature by Jay Ryan, in the style of his SkyWise astronomy comic strip. Everyone is encouraged to share this strip in its original, unmodified form on their website and in social media, to help promote the eclipse.

ATTENTION TEACHERS AND EDITORS!!! Permission is granted for use of Generation Eclipse in classrooms and non-profit publications, such as astronomy and planetarium newsletters. Please contact us directly if you would like a 300 dpi file that can be reproduced as a half-page, 5.5″ x 8.5″ image.

FOR-SALE PUBLICATIONS – Please contact us directly for special permission to reproduce in any magazines, newspapers or other for-sale publications. This strip is not to be reproduced in any for-sale publications without special permission.

For more information on eclipses, check out our ebook series ECLIPSES ILLUSTRATED.

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  1. Great job as usual in combining your unique artistic style with astronomical information in a concise and informative format. Very well done— keep Generation Eclipse coming.

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