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A Defining Moment in American History Awaits!


Today’s generation of American youth is very fortunate.  American children born in the 21st century will have the opportunity to see several prime total solar eclipses, right here in at home in their own country.  Their parents grew up in the 20th century, a dark age of American eclipses, never seeing one for themselves.  For this reason, today’s adult generation of Americans has no experience with eclipses, and fails to appreciate the significance of a total eclipse of the Sun.

As you can read on our Future USA Eclipses page, the dark age is ending and the golden age of 21st century American eclipses is about to begin, on Monday, August 21, 2017!

This unprecedented eclipse is an excellent opportunity to observe one of the true natural wonders of this world.  It’s an unsurpassed occasion for science and nature education.  But most importantly, it can be a defining moment in American history, with the potential to impress an entire generation of young Americans with the awe and wonder of the sky’s most astounding spectacle.  This young generation has the potential to see five total solar eclipses over the USA in a 35 year period.  These young people are…

Generation Eclipse! 

Many famous scientists of history were first inspired as children by amazing celestial apparitions in the sky.  While conjunctions of the Moon and planets are beautiful natural wonders, there is no greater natural wonder than a total eclipse of the Sun!  Imagine the wave of inspiration that could go forth among today’s generation of American youth as they share a collective experience of the great solar eclipse of August 21, 2017!

In the second half of the 20th century, an entire generation of Americans was inspired by NASA and the space program.  American youth of the 1960s were thrilled at the milestones that led up to the Moon landings of the Apollo missions.  Many young Americans of this period were motivated to pursue careers in science and engineering after following the exploits of the heroic Apollo astronauts!

But what is there today to truly inspire American youth?  What is there today that can fuel a lifetime of passion in the hearts of young Americans?  What else is there but a Century of American Eclipses!

For most of its history, the American economy has been driven by innovation.  From the cotton gin to the Edison light bulb to the Wright flyer to the SmartPhone, American prosperity has resulted from inventing new ways to improve everyone’s lives.  While the empires of the old world waged wars of conquest, the USA conquered peacefully through commerce, selling the world telephones and automobiles and radios and television sets.

Now as then, innovation is driven by not only ingenuity but by scientific and technological advancement.  But sadly, American youth are not pursuing careers in high-tech fields.  We read that US students test low in science compared to other countries.  So often, we lamentably hear from American youth that scientific subjects are “too hard,” and that they are “not good in math.”  But these fields have always been hard!  What is needed to overcome the hurdles is motivation!  And that comes from inspiration!  And what can be more inspiring than a Century of American Eclipses?

This eclipse has the potential to excite the American youth of Generation Eclipse!  It can fire the curiosity of today’s young people!  The eclipse can make impressionable youth eager to know more, to better understand such celestial marvels!  And maybe, in the process, they might become eager to learn math and science!  Maybe even some might pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, the STEM fields?

STEMWe hear at lot lately about the dream of an American manned mission to Mars.  But how will the USA undertake such a goal without scientists and engineers?  And though today’s youth is enamored with SmartPhones, who will create the next generation of technology if no one pursues careers in tech fields?  Most importantly, since the American economy has always been based on innovation, where will the USA find the innovators to help maintain a robust economy into the 21st century?

Parents, you owe it to your children to take them to see the total solar eclipse of Monday, August 21, 2017!  Teachers, you owe it to your students to make sure they and their parents are informed and prepared for this event!  School administrators and state, local and national officials owe to the next generation to officially declare Eclipse Day as a special day for Americans to observe this unprecedented celestial event!

In the midst of troubled times, this eclipse can be a defining moment in American history.  With an entire Century of American Eclipses ahead, this first eclipse in 2017 has the potential to inspire the American youth of Generation Eclipse toward careers in science and technology, and to continue the American tradition of accomplishing great things.

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