Generation Eclipse – #6 – Total Solar Eclipse

#6  Many interesting phenomena are seen during a total solar eclipse — before, during and after totality.  But you won’t see these amazing sights unless you get yourself along the path of totality on Eclipse Day 2017!   #eclipse #eclipse2017 #greatamericaneclipse Generation Eclipse is an educational comic strip feature by Jay Ryan, in … Continue reading

Generation Eclipse – #3: Have You Seen One?

#3:  Many misconceptions surround eclipses.  Some people don’t understand the difference between a partial solar eclipse and a total solar eclipse.  But if you ever actually see the glorious sight of totality, you will never forget!  Millions of Americans will know the difference after Monday, August 21, 2017, the first coast-to-coast total solar … Continue reading

Generation Eclipse – #1: It’s Coming!

#1:  Today’s generation of American adults were born and raised in the 20th century, which was a “dark age” of American eclipses.  However, a “golden age” of 21st century American total solar eclipses begins on Monday, August 21, 2017 with the first coast-to-coast eclipse in a century.  Today’s young generation … Continue reading

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