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Click the map to visit the NASA interactive eclipse map, for finding precise times at precise locations around the USA!

Eclipse over Tennessee: As found from the NASA interactive eclipse map, the Moon’s shadow along the centerline crosses the northern border northeast of Cedar Hill, Tennessee at 1:26:07 PM Central Daylight Time (18:26:07 Universal Time).  Totality lasts 2 minutes, 40 seconds and the path of totality is 71.5 miles wide.

The path of totality passes directly over Nashville, the largest city in Tennessee and the state capital.  Nashville is the largest city to lie completely along the path of totality.  The path completely misses Chattanooga and Knoxville, but passes directly in between these cities.  At Nashville, totality begins at 1:27:28 PM, and lasts for 1:54.

At the centerline, the lunar umbra passes over 188 miles of the state of Tennessee in the span of 10 minutes, 26 seconds, at an average speed of 1446 miles per hour, or 1.90 times the speed of sound.

The Moon’s shadow crosses into the eastern time zone through Tennessee.  Along the centerline, the umbra crosses the mountain border at 2:36:33 PM EDT (18:36:33 UT).  The duration of totality is 2 minutes, 38 seconds and the path of totality at the eastern border is 71.7 miles wide.

NOTE: Duration of totality is longest along the centerline.  Duration of totality approaches ZERO near the edges of the path of totality.  Please consult the NASA interactive eclipse map for precise times and durations of totality at each specific location in the state, along with locals times for the beginning and ending of the partial eclipse phases.

Lodging: As with all locations along the path, hotel reservations will fill up well in advance.  Plan instead to tent camp or rent an RV.  While there are many commercial and public campgrounds, primitive camping is inexpensive in the National Parks and free in the National Forests.

Visit the following in Tennessee:  Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Visit our Eclipse Lodging page to find local accommodations!

Traffic Concerns: In the event of any last-minute, impromptu eclipse day trippers, there might be a lot of traffic heading north on I-65 from Alabama and Mississippi.  Many drivers from Atlanta might head north on I-75.  Generally, I-75 might be crowded from the north and south if a volume of drivers from Chattanooga and Knoxville crowd onto the path of totality at the last minute.

Weather: According to the Eclipsophile site, based on meteorological averages, the prospects for clear skies at eclipse time worsen toward the east of Tennessee, with the Blue Ridge Mountains having the worst numbers of any point along the path.  It would probably be best to avoid the mountains unless it happens to be exceptionally clear on Eclipse Day.

Planning Your Tennessee Eclipse Vacation: Please read the resources on our Be Prepared! page for finding opportunities for overnight lodging at your Tennessee eclipse viewing destination.  There is a lot to do in and around Nashville, particularly for country music fans.  It’s hoped that concert promoters in Tennessee realize the lucrative marketing potential of this eclipse, and plan a series of outdoor music festivals along the path of totality for the weekend preceding Eclipse Day.  Check out the Tennessee Vacation site for more information on planning your Tennessee eclipse vacation.

Organized Eclipse Events in Tennessee:

The Great Tennessee 2017 Solar Eclipse – This page is by the Barnard-Seifert Astronomical Society and is a clearing house for all Tennessee eclipse and amateur astronomy information.

Gallatin TN Eclipse Encounter – Gallatin, Tennessee, is right on that path for the longest duration of totality – approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds. Come join us for our total eclipse event at Gallatin’s Triple Creek Park in Sumner County!

Music City Solar Eclipse – Nashville will be the largest city along the path of totality, and a popular tourist destination in its own right!  Why not plan your eclipse experience here?

Xenyth Music Festival – This is one of the best locations to see the Total Eclipse of the Sun on August 21st, 2017 at 1:25:55pm (CDT).  Since the solar eclipse is taking place on Monday, Aug. 21st, we are going to make a multi-day music festival of the occasion and offer a variety of special events scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, building up to the rare celestial event on Monday the 21st.

Volunteer State Community College – Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, Tennessee is hosting a free eclipse watching event on our campus in Gallatin from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is open to everyone. Gallatin, Tennessee will be one of the best spots in the country to view the total eclipse with totality lasting two minutes and forty seconds. Eclipse viewing in the area will be from noon-3 p.m. Totality will occur at 1:27 p.m. Gallatin is located 25 minutes north of Nashville.  We will have educational presentations, live video viewing of the eclipse in other parts of the country, live narration during the totality, and fun science exhibits for kids and adults. The activities will be held both outside and in air-conditioned buildings.  While there will be limited outdoor seating, attendees should be prepared to sit on the lawn. People are encouraged to bring blankets or lawn chairs. There will be room for picnicking. We will also have food and beverages for sale. The campus has plenty of bathrooms and heat relief zones (seating areas) in many buildings.  Parking is also free. Buses and RV’s are welcome, but there will be no overnight parking, before or after the event. Parking lots open at 8 a.m. Once the lots are full, the campus will be closed to new entrants. Entry is first come, first served. The campus will close at 6pm on the day of the Eclipse. No alcohol will be allowed in vehicles or on campus. There is no smoking on campus. This is designed as a family event.  If you have questions please email pr@volstate.edu or call 615-230-3571.

This list is a work in progress!  Please contact us if you know of any other Tennessee eclipse events!

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