Kansas Eclipse Map

Click the map to visit the NASA interactive eclipse map, for finding precise times at precise locations around the USA!

Eclipse over Kansas: As found from the NASA interactive eclipse map, the Moon’s shadow along the centerline crosses into Kansas just northeast of Reserve at 1:04:42 PM Central Daylight Time (18:04:42 Universal Time).  At the border, totality lasts 2 minutes, 38 seconds and the path of totality is 70 miles wide.

The southern limit of the path of totality passes right through the center of Downtown Kansas City.  Totality is momentary along the edge of the path, but lasts about a half-minute along the riverfront areas, and increasing in length across the river into Missouri.  At the centerline, the lunar umbra passes over only 44 miles of the state of Kansas in the span of only 4 minutes, 23 seconds, at an average speed of 1508 miles per hour, or 1.98 times the speed of sound

The Moon’s shadow along the centerline departs from the state at Elwood, Kansas and completely crosses over the Missouri River into St. Joseph, Missouri at 1:09:05 PM CDT (18:09:05 UT).  At Elwood, the duration of totality is 2 minutes, 38 seconds and the path of totality is almost 71 miles wide at this point.

NOTE: Duration of totality is longest along the centerline.  Duration of totality approaches ZERO near the edges of the path of totality.  Please consult the NASA interactive eclipse map for precise times and durations of totality at each specific location in the state, along with locals times for the beginning and ending of the partial eclipse phases.

Traffic Concerns: In the event of any last-minute, impromptu eclipse day trippers, there might be a lot of local traffic through the major freeways of Kansas City.  Since this is around lunch hour, a lot of people might try to cross north into Missouri to see a longer eclipse, or might come into the city from points south.  In the event that there are a lot of cars on the move in a short period of time, this could result in a fair amount of midday traffic congestion.

Weather: According to the Eclipsophile site, based on meteorological averages, the northeastern tip of Kansas should have similar weather to Nebraska, not the best location along the path, but better prospects than in the eastern states.

Visit our Eclipse Lodging page to find local accommodations!

Planning Your Kansas Eclipse Vacation: Please read the resources on our Be Prepared! page for finding opportunities for overnight lodging at your Kansas eclipse viewing destination.  Since the centerline only passes over a corner of the state, it’s not likely that Kansas will be a high-demand eclipse destination.  It would still be worthwhile for Kansans to head this way, and add on some vacationing along the way.  See the Kansas Tourism page for more information, and plan your eclipse vacation to include Oregon’s Seven Wonders!

Organized Eclipse Events in Kansas:

The Solar Eclipse Charity Classic – Participate in the area’s largest ever golf event celebrating the first total eclipse North America has seen since 1979!  An event this big can do even bigger things to benefit our Kansas City Youth.  Together, GreatLIFE KC, The Kansas City Royals, Royals Charities, and YOU will make an indelible mark on the lives of countless Kansas City kids while experiencing perhaps the coolest event of our lifetime.  Funds raised from this event will benefit the KC Royals  Charities and the GreatLIFE Cares Foundation. Register  today and make sure you can say “I was there”!

This list is a work in progress!  Please contact us if you know of any other Kansas eclipse events!

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