Georgia Eclipse Map

Click the map to visit the NASA interactive eclipse map, for finding precise times at precise locations around the USA!

Eclipse over Georgia: As found from the NASA interactive eclipse map, the Moon’s shadow along the centerline crosses the northern border at Highway 23 just north of Dillard, Georgia at 2:35:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time (18:35:38 Universal Time).  Totality lasts 2 minutes, 38 seconds and the path of totality is 71.7 miles wide.

The path of totality just nicks the northeast corner of Georgia in the Chattahoochee National Forest.  The path misses Atlanta by 60 miles, and Athens by 25 miles.  At the centerline, the lunar umbra passes over only 13 miles of the state of Georgia, the shortest span through any state along the path, in the span of only 3 minutes, 11 seconds, and an average speed of 1479 miles per hour, or 1.94 times the speed of sound.

The Moon’s shadow along the centerline crosses the mountain border at 2:38:50 PM EDT (18:38:50 UT).  The duration of totality is 2 minutes, 38 seconds and the path of totality at the eastern border is 71.6 miles wide.

NOTE: Duration of totality is longest along the centerline.  Duration of totality approaches ZERO near the edges of the path of totality.  Please consult the NASA interactive eclipse map for precise times and durations of totality at each specific location in the state, along with locals times for the beginning and ending of the partial eclipse phases.

Lodging: As with all locations along the path, hotel reservations will fill up well in advance.  Plan instead to tent camp or rent an RV.  While there are many commercial and public campgrounds, primitive camping is inexpensive in the National Parks and free in the National Forests.

Visit the following in Georgia: Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest.

Visit our Eclipse Lodging page to find local accommodations!

Traffic Concerns: In the event of any last-minute, impromptu eclipse day trippers, there might be a volume of traffic heading out of Atlanta along Highways 19 and 23, and I-85.  It might get tricky if a lot of cars funnel down onto rural roads in and around the national forest.

Weather: According to the Eclipsophile site, the worst prospects for clear skies along the path of totality are in the mountains.  In the event of an uncertain weather forecast on Eclipse Day, it would be advisable to seek a location on flatter land.

Planning Your Georgia Eclipse Vacation: Please read the resources on our Be Prepared! page for finding opportunities for overnight lodging at your Georgia eclipse viewing destination.  It’s most likely that this stretch of the path would attract Georgians and not as many out of state visitors.  The path of totality passes over the national forest, allowing ample space for hosting prepared eclipse chasers.  Check out Explore Georgia for more information on planning your Georgia eclipse vacation.

Organized Eclipse Events in Georgia:

Clayton Solar Eclipse – An excellent resource for information about the solar eclipse in Rabun County, Georgia. This website provides a comprehensive resource for information about the 2017 eclipse, numerous eclipse events in Rabun County as well as places to stay, eat and things to do in Rabun County.

This list is a work in progress!  Please contact us if you know of any other Georgia eclipse events!

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