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Are you a business owner located somewhere in the USA along the 3000 mile path of totality?  If so, you have won the lottery!  This eclipse literally offers you, not just “Pennies From Heaven”, but DOLLARS from heaven!  Circle the date… Monday, August 21, 2017!  Eclipse Day USA!!!

As soon as the media wakes up from its “eclipse coma,” this is going to be the HUGEST American story in a very long time!  When that happens, people from far and wide will be scrambling toward the path of totality for Eclipse Day!  And if that’s where you are, that’s where your new customers will find you!

Just some ideas… run a special Eclipse Day promotion, inviting nearby customers who live off the path to patronize your establishment that day, sometime before totality, and stick around for the main event!  Get some special custom-order Eclipse Shades with your own business’s name, to sell or just give away!  They’re still good for viewing the Sun even when there is not an eclipse!  Car dealers, restaurants, and retail establishments have a great excuse to throw a party and draw people in!  It’ll be a festive day for everyone!

You’re a smart, savvy business person, you know your own business better than anyone!  Brainstorm with your friends and customers and bring this up with your local Chamber of Commerce.  Maybe you could reach out in advance to your prospective customers?  Network with Rotary, Kiwanis and Jaycee chapters inside to brainstorm, and those outside of the path of totality to find out how you can serve any customers from their area who you might draw in!

Do you run a hotel, campground, or any other sort of lodging?  Overnight accommodations will be in HIGH DEMAND on Eclipse Day!  Is there anything you can do to help with the demand?  Check our Eclipse Hospitality page for more ideas.

If you do run a promotion, please contact us and we’ll mention it in our network!

Since the media is NOT yet talking about the eclipse, this will be a ground-floor opportunity for those who get started early!  Don’t miss this one!  You’ll be SO SORRY if you do!

Please help promote the eclipse!  The more people hear about it, the bigger this will be!  It’ll be a WIN-WIN for everyone!   

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