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There are so many great people out there promoting the 2017 eclipse.  This is only a short list of useful websites.  Visit these pages to learn more, to expand your understanding of the upcoming USA eclipse, and of eclipses in general.



Great American Eclipse is the 2017 eclipse website of Michael Zeiler, a passionate “umbraphile,” a brilliant cartographer, and an all-around nice guy.  As the definitive website for the 2017 eclipse, this site includes an ever-expanding collection of useful information, including highly-detailed and beautifully-rendered eclipse maps for the USA and each eclipse state, along with animated videos depicting every aspect of the 2017 eclipse.  The store includes a full line of eclipse merchandise.  Spend some quality time exploring this site!


NASAeclipseThe NASA Eclipse Web Site is created by Fred Espenak, “Mr. Eclipse,” the undisputed expert on eclipses in our generation.  During his career with NASA, Fred created a large body of eclipse resources.  In collaboration with astronomical calculation wizard Jean Meeus, Fred created the Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses and the Five Millennium Canon of Lunar Eclipses, in which every single eclipse between 2000 BC and AD 3000 is calculated… pretty much every eclipse that ever was or ever will be!  (At least the only ones that we ever need to think about!)  This site is an indispensable resource, for this website and for just about everyone else.


druckmullerEclipse Photography Home Page is the online archive of the mind-blowing eclipse photos of Miroslav Druckmuller.  After eluding photographers for over a century and a half, the intricate detail of the solar corona is finally revealed in Professor Druckmuller’s incredible image processing.


EclipsewiseEclipseWise is another of Fred Espenak’s websites.  This site includes much of the information on the NASA site, along with additional detail and information, such as maps, tables and other detailed information about upcoming eclipses, along with Fred’s many publications.  This is an authoritative site for learning a great deal about eclipses in preparation for Eclipse Day 2017.


EclipseAcrossAmericaEclipse Across America is the brainchild of Mark Bender, an accomplished eclipse filmmaker, and creator of the Easter Island Eclipse episode for National Geographic.  This latest project entails a coordinated effort to capture the 2017 USA eclipse from various locations along the path of totality, to compile 90 minute long movie of the entire eclipse event.  This unprecedented project combines eclipse science, videographic technology, and the artistry of filmmaking.


Solar Eclipse Timer:  The Most User-Friendly Eclipse Timing App Available. Get To The Path and It’s 2 Tap Setup for Novice Eclipse Observers. But also sophisticated enough for expert eclipse chasers. Auto geolocation; Auto Contact Time Calculation; Auto Duration Calculation; Max Eclipse Mark; Spoken Phenomena Reminders; Spoken Countdowns; Partial Phase Image Sequence Calculator: Built-in Totality Video.  1st:  Tap the Location Icon to get you coordinates and the app will calculate the contact times.  2nd:  Tap the Load Contact Times button and the times are entered into the timer and the app will “talk” you through the eclipse.  This is the only app of its; kind in the world.  It is the only complete eclipse “talking timer”.


NationalEclipseNational Eclipse is a very slick, well-designed, and user-friendly website, hosted by Dave Clark.  Fully designed in accordance with the principles of responsive web design, National Eclipse displays well in mobile devices.  This site includes concise and well-organized information for quickly learning about the 2017 eclipse and planning your eclipse experience.  This site is also very active on social media, so follow on Twitter and Facebook.



Eclipse Chasers is Bill Kramer’s eclipse site, a fun and light-hearted look at total solar eclipses from a veteran eclipse chaser himself.  Loaded with Bill’s fun cartoons and illustrated explanations, this site is very approachable for eclipse rookies of all ages.  One of the many features of this site is the Eclipse Chaser Log Summary, showing a list of hundreds of well-known eclipse veterans, listing their eclipse observations and important statistics.


Eclipse2017 is an exhaustive eclipse resource compiled and maintained by veteran eclipse chaser Dan McGlaun.  Dan has rounded up a great number of useful eclipse resources, covering every aspect of the eclipse experience.  I especially appreciate Dan’s sage wisdom and advice, debunking common misconceptions and “urban legends” that surround eclipses.  Dan’s knowledge and passion for eclipses is evident on every page of this site.


MrEclipseMr. Eclipse is Fred Espenak’s eclipse photography website, including instructions for photographing eclipses and a library of eclipse photographs.



Eclipse Maps is Michael Zeiler’s other eclipse website, including a large collection of historical eclipse maps and Michael’s own original maps of more recent times, sure to be part of the historical map collections of the future!

Transient Effects: The Solar Eclipses and Celestial Landscapes of Howard Russell Butler – Howard Russell Butler (1856–1934)—a portrait and landscape artist and graduate of Princeton University’s first school of science—painted a new kind of portrait, of a very unusual sitter: the total solar eclipse. With remarkable accuracy, he captured those rare seconds when the moon disappears into darkness—crowned by the flames of the sun, whose brilliant colors had eluded photography.

Solar Eclipse Across America – A special eclipse information page by the American Astronomical Society.



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