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Monday, August 21, 2017 is Eclipse Day, USA!


The TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN on Monday, August 21, 2017 will be an UNPRECEDENTED event in American history.  There have been numerous total solar eclipses over the USA since its founding.  Many of the past century were brief and only visible from a small area.  But this will be the first COAST-TO-COAST total solar eclipse since 1918!

In other words, this will be the first eclipse to pass “from sea to shining sea” since the advent of the automobile and the US interstate freeway system!  Americans are a lot more mobile today than they were at the end of World War I!  Never before has there been a total solar eclipse so readily available to MILLIONS of Americans, right here at home, in their own country!

This is the blue collar eclipse for regular people like you and me!  This eclipse is for those of us without a fancy vacation budget for globetrotting to remote locales on the planet, like the small handful of international “eclipse chasers”!

We hope that every American will consider making plans to be along the path of TOTALITY, underneath the Moon’s shadow on that Monday in 2017, where the brightness of noon becomes the darkness of midnight for several minutes, and the Sun appears as a black hole in the sky.  And we hope that everyone else in the USA will at least make plans to observe the partial eclipse, in the areas where totality will not be seen.  It’s especially important that young kids see this most impressive natural wonder, to motivate and inspire them!

Please explore these links for more information….

USA ECLIPSE STATES The path of totality will pass over twelve states of the USA.  You want to plan your 2017 vacation so that you can be somewhere along the path in one of these states, with clear skies for viewing the most majestic spectacle in nature!  Visit this page to learn more!  Many states are already planning local eclipse events, and many more will be added as the time approaches!

SEEING THE ECLIPSE FROM HOME If you live along the path of totality, you can just stay home and see the eclipse!  (Clear skies permitting, that is!)  The rest of us will need to travel to one of the twelve eclipse states to see this amazing spectacle.  But traveling is simply not an option for everyone.  But everyone in the USA will at least see a deep partial eclipse on that day.  So if you MUST stay home, this page will show you what to expect and how to prepare.

BE PREPARED! You will need to be in the right place at the right time on Monday, August 21, 2017 if you want to see the total eclipse of the Sun!  And that means planning ahead!  Those who make plans will be glad they did!  And those who do not will be sorry!  The media won’t be talking about it until the last minute, so don’t wait!  Because by that time, it will be too late!

OPPORTUNITY FOR EDUCATION As the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in a century, the 2017 eclipse offers an unprecedented opportunity for an unparalleled science and nature experience!  Parents and teachers need to promote this eclipse among today’s youth, to inspire their curiosity in their natural world, and to pique their interest in science and technology, the STEM fields.

SAFE VIEWING Contrary to certain popular urban legends, it’s TOTALLY SAFE to view a TOTAL ECLIPSE!  However, it’s not safe to view a partial solar eclipse, which happens before and after the phase of totality!  Visit this page to learn about eye safety and a few different viewing techniques, especially our American Eclipse USA Eclipse Shades, the totally cheap, totally safe solar viewing glasses that will protect your eyes and the eyes of your friends and family!

ECLIPSE HOSPITALITY While most Americans will be traveling to see the total eclipse, Millions of Americans will see this eclipse from their homes, which is great for them.  But just imagine if everyone living along the path of totality invited family or friends to visit on Eclipse Day!  It would double the number of observers for this astounding spectacle!  And some enterprising souls along the path could make some quick bucks!

THE AMERICAN ECLIPSE TRAFFIC JAM???  – Tens of millions of Americans will be within a day’s drive of the path of totality.  But imagine what might happen if all those people hit the road at the same time, going in the same direction?  Could the hopeful observers of Eclipse Day instead participate in the All-American Traffic Jam?  Travel planning is a huge part of being prepared!  We want EVERYONE to experience this eclipse, but it will only happen if we all avoid the American Eclipse Traffic Jam!!!

FUTURE USA ECLIPSES – The 2017 USA eclipse is the first of many in the 21st century that today’s kids can experience!  The 20th century was a “dark age” of USA total solar eclipses over the USA, so that most of today’s American adults fails to appreciate the significance of this event.  But the “dark age” is finally coming to an end, and a “golden age” of American eclipses is about to begin!  There will be six total solar eclipses over the USA over the next 35 years, so that today’s youth can spend their whole lives chasing eclipses here at home!

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