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The centerline of the path of totality will pass over twelve states of the USA, from coast-to-coast, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from sea to shining sea.  This is first transcontinental American eclipse in a century!  Since June 8, 1918!  Since before the advent of the automobile and the interstate freeway system!  This is therefore an UNPRECEDENTED opportunity for 300 million Americans to experience a Total Eclipse of the Sun right here at home!

Plan your 2017 vacation so that you can be somewhere along the eclipse path in one of these states on Eclipse Day, with clear skies for viewing the most majestic spectacle in nature!

You might want to plan to visit a location close to your home, or maybe you’re willing to travel farther for the best chance of clear weather.  Visit our Be Prepared! page for more information on that.

The Moon’s shadow will first make landfall in Oregon, coming off the Pacific Ocean.  Moving at faster than the speed of sound, the shadow of the Moon will head eastward, across Idaho and into Wyoming and Nebraska.  The eclipse path continues into Kansas and Missouri, while the local duration of eclipse increases.

The shadow of the Moon crosses the Mississippi River into Illinois, where the duration of eclipse is greatest by a fraction of a second.  A long path of near-maximum duration extends into Kentucky, which marks the point of greatest eclipse, the global centerpoint for the eclipse event, where the axis of the Moon’s shadow passes closest to the center of the Earth!

After that, the Moon’s shadow cuts through the middle of Tennessee, and down into North Carolina and Georgia. After passing straight over the middle of South Carolina, the path of total eclipse heads out to sea, over the Atlantic, and finally departing from the globe of the Earth!

American Eclipse USA aspires to be a clearinghouse for all eclipse-related information!  We want EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN to know and understand about this unprecedented eclipse, and have the opportunity to plan an eclipse experience for themselves and their family!

Visit these pages frequently to stay informed of updates in these eclipse states!  Many states are already planning local eclipse events, and many more will be added as the time approaches!  Let us know if you have information about any newly-added eclipse events!

Visit these pages for info about each particular state!

West of the Mississippi
East of the Mississippi
IllinoisKentuckyTennesseeNorth CarolinaGeorgiaSouth Carolina


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