Meade ETX 80 Observer Telescope Review (205002)

Meade Etx80 Review

The Meade ETX series of telescopes are very popular and there are many who own or who have owned one. The ETX80 is part of the revamped line and would make a great beginner scope for an older child or an amateur adult. You don’t

Meade LX90 ACF 8 inch Telescope Review

Meade Lx90 Acf Review

Are you looking for a telescope that significantly reduces aberrations that are a natural cause of some telescope optical systems? A Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with some important changes may be what you need. The Meade LX90 ACF telescope answers that call. It’s a telescope that can

Orion SkyScanner 100mm Telescope Review (Model – 10012)

Orion Skyscanner 100mm Review

If you have about $100 to spend, you may be feeling disappointed with the current options. They may seem too fragile, too much like a child’s toy, or not good enough to see anything with. The age-old advice of “you get what you pay for”

Gskyer AZ70400 70mm Telescope Review

Gskyer 70mm Az Refractor Review

The Gskyer 70 mm AZ Refractor is a best-selling telescope for under $100 that many buy up as a first-time telescope buy for themselves or their children. It’s cheap enough that if the kids don’t stay interested, you didn’t spend a fortune on it. But,

Emarth 70mm Telescope Review (Travel)

Emarth Travel Scope 70mm Review

There are multiple considerations when you’re looking for a telescope for a kid. How much should you spend? Will they stay interested in astronomy? Is a telescope durable enough to handle abuse from children? Let’s face it. A kid’s interest changes every five minutes, so

Celestron FirstScope Telescope Review (21024)

Celestron Firstscope Review

Strapped to a very tight budget? Looking to get your kid on the astronomy kick with this budget? No worries! Celestron has a fitting solution to your dilemma. Enter here, the FirstScope TableTop telescope. It’s a real Newtonian telescope on a Dobsonian-style mount. It’s simple

SkyWatcher Flextube 300P Telescope Review

Skywatcher Flextube 300p Review

Are you ready to go bigger and better? This 12” Dob gathers 44% more light than the 10” model, and with a larger aperture, the more you can see. With practice, you can resolve a ton of detail and see up to magnitude 14.9. High-performance

SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P SynScan Collapsible Telescope Review

Skywatcher Flextube 250p Review

What is the most attractive feature of a collapsible Dobsonian? Why, the collapsible tube of course! That is exactly what the SkyWatcher FlexTube 250P is, but this is no traditional Dobsonian, it’s also a SynScan model which means it has GoTo ability. A Dobsonian with

Meade Polaris 130 EQ Telescope Review

Meade Polaris 130 Eq Review

There are many telescope packages that are a bad combo from the start. Perhaps a too heavy OTA setup for a light-duty mount or poor accessories that would have been better if they were just left out from the start. Fortunately, the Meade Polaris 130