19 Telescope Tips for Absolute Beginners (from Choosing to Observing)

telescope tips for beginners

Telescopes are excellent gifts for beginner astronomers, but their enthusiasm can be hindered, if not killed completely, by their first telescope. If the telescope is too difficult to use, the resulting frustration can curb any astronomical interest the beginner may have. To keep the passion

12 Must Have Astrophotography Accessories In 2022

Must Have Astrophotography Accessories

Astrophotography is a field of its own, and you may feel overwhelmed on where to start and what it is that you need. To help make the start-up process simpler, we’ve listed the most recommended astrophotography accessories that could make up your shortlist. Assuming you

14 Best Telescope Accessories On The Market In 2022

Best Telescope Accessories

If you just bought the best telescope you could afford and thought you could stargaze out of the box, your first observation was probably a disappointment. Now what? Accessorize. Accessories will enhance what you can see and may very well guarantee enjoyment. These are the

Telescope VS Microscope: Differences & Similarities Explained

Telescope Vs Microscope How Are They Similar And Different

You may be doing your homework on different types of optics, or you may be curious about how microscopes stack up to telescopes. They have similar features and seemingly provide the same result – a magnified view of an object. What is their purpose and

Telescope Mount Types Explained: Which is Right for You?

Telescope Mount Types And How To Choose The Right One

When thinking of a telescope, a long tube on a tripod immediately comes to mind. It’s a given that a tripod is needed for amateur astronomy. However, you likely didn’t give it that much thought that there are other components involved. Is it an alt-azimuth

Refractor VS Reflector Telescopes: Which Should You Choose?

Refractor Vs Reflector Telescopes Which Is Right For You

How different are refracting and reflecting telescopes from each other? Is one type better for a specific telescope use? Which type is more affordable? Clear the air with a solid understanding of the optical designs of refractors and reflectors. If you know an inch in

How Much Does a Telescope Cost? How Much Should You Spend?

How Much Does A Telescope Cost

There’s a balancing act going on between a telescope’s technical specifications and types of materials and parts used to determine what type of astronomy it performs best for. All this can affect the final cost that will eventually end up as a charge on your

Binoculars vs Telescope – Which Is Best & How To Choose?

Binoculars Vs Telescopes

Many would quickly disregard binoculars and opt for a telescope as if it’s the only astronomical optic worth owning. If you’re willing to be a little open-minded, you could expand your astronomical collection for better performance. To keep you from falling into the pitfalls of