Telescope Mount Types Explained: Which is Right for You?

Telescope Mount Types And How To Choose The Right One

When thinking of a telescope, a long tube on a tripod immediately comes to mind. It’s a given that a tripod is needed for amateur astronomy. However, you likely didn’t give it that much thought that there are other components involved. Is it an alt-azimuth

SkyWatcher HEQ5 Goto Equatorial Telescope Mount Review

Sky Watcher Heq5 Telescope Mount Review

Are you looking to buy your first high-quality mount for astrophotography? Are you new to using GoTo or GEM mounts? The HEQ5 is an ideal, computerized mount for first-timers looking to get into the imaging game. Even though it may have a more expensive price

SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro Telescope Mount Review

Sky Watcher Eq6r Pro Telescope Mount Review

Sky Watcher tries their hand with a high-end EQ6 mount, and they did a great job with the EQ6R-Pro. It has all the upgraded features you would expect of its kind that can easily compete with more expensive alternatives. For the price, the Sky Watcher

Orion Atlas Pro AZ EQ-G Telescope Mount Review

Orion Atlas Pro Az Eq G Telescope Mount Review

The Orion Atlas mount is a popular and high-quality mount that was ahead of its time for its time. Now that we demand even more from a mount, it makes sense to demand an upgrade of a tried-and-proven model. Enter here, the Atlas Pro. Zooming

Celestron CGX Equatorial Telescope Mount Review

Celestron Cgx Mount Review

The CGX is one of the best GEM mounts in the market and is every bit worth it if you can afford it. It has multiple improvements that are intentional design upgrades from Celestron’s CGEM and AVX. Is it worth the price jump? Let’s find

Celestron Advanced VX Mount Review

Celestron Advanced Vx Telescope Mount Review

Getting into astronomy is an expensive hobby. Getting into astrophotography is even more expensive. Since the mount is what makes or breaks the quality of the image, you’ll want a reliable option that won’t put you into debt, especially if it’s your first, real imaging