22 Best Space Gifts for Astronomy Lovers (Out Of This World)

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Brain blank on picking the perfect gift for an obsessed astronomy hobbyist?

If you’re looking for off-this-planet gift ideas that are educational and helpful or wacky and zany, I have the list for you.

Whether your intended gift recipient is a young space nerd, a seasoned DSO seeker, or the beginner amateur, a space gift will brighten up their world.

Be the shining star in their lives by gifting something that fits the budget. It’s a win-win situation that is sure to bring a smile to both your faces.

Best Gifts for Astronomy Lovers In 2020

How do you gift a space hunter?

Well, the obvious is to first set a budget as it decides what your gifting parameters are.

Secondly, understand a little about what it is they do or what they need. If you can gift an accessory that they couldn’t afford to purchase themselves or that would prove helpful to their telescope setup, it makes for a very practical and thoughtful gift.

Lastly, don’t overthink it. There are always at the very least two parts to gifting: the actual present and the fact that you thought of them enough to pull the trigger on purchasing something. Regardless of what it is, you are showing support for their interest in astronomy.

What should you know about astronomers?

They don’t like cloudy nights, they like their gadgets, and they appreciate the little things.

Whether or not you gaze towards the heavens yourself, you can encourage your stargazer to keep their eyes on the skies with an out-of-this-world gift. Get excited about giving!

22 Gifts for Astronomy Fans

1. 9 Planets T-Shirt

9 Planets Tee Shirt

Showing your age a little bit? These exact words have literally come out of my mouth more than once. It’s an homage to education back in the day with a nostalgic touch of humor that is perfect for any “older” astronomer who can relate.

Plus, with the purchase of any TeePublic t-shirt (with tons of astronomy-related designs), you are helping to support an independent artist. Why not double up the gift giving and put a smile on two people’s faces? If the gift recipient wears this very t-shirt to their next astronomy club meeting, it will be sure to crack good, old-fashioned laughs.

2. Orion Q70 Eyepieces

Orion Q70 Eyepieces

So, your gift recipient has a telescope. Have they been frustrated with what they haven’t been able to see? They may need new, high-quality eyepieces. Are you feeling generous?

The key to seeing more in light-polluted areas or to get wider fields of view may largely depend on the eyepiece. This set of Q70 eyepieces is expensive, and especially so for a gift, but they will truly be appreciated. They’re multi-coated, offer 70-degree apparent field of view, and are 2” eyepieces that come with 26 mm, 32 mm, and 38 mm sizes.

Help cut the costs of improving telescope performance for your stargazer by upgrading their super-wide-angle eyepiece collection.

3. Brass Telescope Décor

Brass Telescope Décor

This brass, sextant-style telescope compass is a very classy and vintage décor item that is perfect for display in an astronomer’s home or office.

It’s 8 x 8 inches in size, has a worn, brass-polished finish, and a moveable sextant with flywheel feet.

It’s a statement piece that will catch the eye of visitors and serves as a reminder of how eager your stargazer is to get back home and do what they love best – explore the heavens.

4. Moon Phase Jewelery  – A Gift for Her

Moon Phase Necklace Gift Set

Looking for a sentimental, custom gift? Spouses, lovers, and boyfriends pay attention. You know what they say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Why not show your “interest” in her interest by gifting a Moon Phase Luna Necklace and Bracelet gift set?

You enter in her birthday and country of birth to discover what phase the moon was in at that time and the associated birthstone. You also have the option of tacking on a small fee to customize the back of the luna necklace with an engraving to personalize it even further. Nail it the first time lovers – this type of jewelery gift is sentimental and romantic for the woman in your life.

5. Hubble’s Universe Second Edition Book

Hubble’s Universe Second Edition Book

You may not be able to capture images like The Hubble Telescope, but you can appreciate what The Hubble can.

The images and educational content in the Hubble’s Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images are priceless to the avid astronomer. Terrence Dickinson takes you on a tour during the Hubble’s orbit from 1990 through to early 2017 to explore the universe the way the Hubble sees it. Your imagination is brought to life with this cosmic portfolio. Stunning color and detail provided in this book will fuel an astronomer’s passion for the hobby and will keep it alight for a lifetime.

6. NASA Merchandise – A Gift for Him

Nasa Space Shuttle Orbiter Wrebbit 3d Jigsaw Puzzle

NASA clothing, NASA kitchenware, and NASA packs. Anything to do with NASA, fun.com will have something you can gift.

In particular is a gift that can be enjoyed by the entire family. What’s better than building a puzzle? Building a 3D puzzle! If an adult is trying to share their love of astronomy with an older child, a 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Space Shuttle Orbiter may be the way to do it.

It’s a 435-piece set that when completed measures 18” (L) x 11.5” (W) x 8” (H). Since it’s a 3D model, the pieces have a sturdy foam backing to support the structure.

7. Orion Dynamo Mini Power Bank

Orion Dynamo Mini Power Bank

This is one of those practical gifts that any astronomer with a telescope will appreciate. It’s a small and lightweight mini power bank that allows you to plug in your smartphone or other device that you may need to use during observation.

With 2x USB ports and a 3-prong AC outlet, it’s incredibly convenient to own one as a telescope user. One, specific instrument that comes to mind is a computerized telescope with an AC adapter. You don’t have to deal with a car adapter or having to haul a larger power source.

When you’re already dealing with transporting a telescope, the last thing you need to try to cater to is a large power bank. Go mini and make plugging in easier for your astronomer while taking it easy on your budget.

8. Crystal Ball Music Box

Crystal Ball Music Box

Absolutely beautiful! This Crystal Ball Music Box is the perfect combo of a music box slash night light that is more than just décor for a kid’s room. It plays Johann Pachelbel’s Canon while an illuminated full moon, galaxy, or bubbling sea rotates within the crystal ball on a gorgeous wooden base.

As popular as this mesmerizing ball is, there are a lot of gift options to consider within theapollobox Space Collection Giftware. With the huge variety they offer, there’s no possible way you won’t find the perfect gift for your astronomer.

9. Yizzam Space Burst Leggings – Cool Ideas

If a girl wore these leggings, would you think they’re into astronomy? There’s no denying that the space burst graphic is eye-catching, and what woman couldn’t use a pair of eccentric leggings to add to her collection?

This is a statement piece for sure. Better yet, the graphic is made in Florida, USA with a water-based dye process that ensures it will last. It’s part of the garment itself and not a screen print that will peel or crack over time.

These space burst pants are dazzling, but there is plenty of space-themed clothing to go around for men, women, and kids too.

10. Galaxy Fleece Blanket

Galaxy Fleece Blanket

Where do you start to narrow down the options on a site like Zazzle? They have literally everything you can think of with a space theme. Cushions, cups, key chains, tablet cases, clothing, and so much more.

One particular product that should catch your eye is the Galaxy Fleece Blanket by Fallen Angel Creations. It’s a practical gift that can be dedicated to keeping your astronomer warm during those cold Winter observations.

If your astronomer has a thing for cats, you may be surprised that there are a lot of space cat themed products on Zazzle. Random, right? Some are hilarious and a lot are weird. Might it be up your alley. . . cat? Ha!

11. Astronomical Binoculars

Celestron Skymaster Pro

Big and high-powered binoculars on a tripod can be an exceptional tool for stargazing. They have huge fields of views compared to telescopes, and they offer binocular vision with two eyes. Some experienced astronomers only use binoculars!

Why consider astronomy binoculars? If your astronomy lover is new to using optics to navigate the night sky, you can start off with binos over a telescope, and the best thing about them is that you can also use it for terrestrial observation as well.

The Celestron SkyMaster Pro has 20x magnification and 80 mm objective lenses. Big, high-powered, and it definitely should be mounted to a tripod. Good thing that this model can. When they’re ready for a telescope, they can use their bino as a complimentary tool alongside their new scope!

12. Galaxy Acrylic Block – Unique Idea

Galaxy Acrylic Block

Clothing is always popular, and you can’t go wrong with it unless you get the wrong size. Mugs are a great but generic gift, and posters require wall space. While all these space-related items are available on redbubble, consider a small décor item that can be placed anywhere.

This awe-inspiring acrylic block is a conversation starter, dream catalyst, and a constant reminder of what you can see for yourself through a telescope or image with a camera. It’s available in two different sizes, has diamond-cut sides, and has a hand-polished, crystal-clear finish.

There are multiple styles of blocks available and other types of space-related merchandise that have been custom designed by independent artists. This is just one example of a unique and visually stunning gift.

13. 50 Things to See on the Moon

50 Things To See On The Moon

If your gift recipient is just starting to feel out their astronomy interest, you might want to consider getting them this moon book written by John A. Read.

The first target beginners look to explore is the moon. Knowing what to look for on the lunar surface can help you understand what to expect when using a telescope and it will maximize the experience.

Help your beginner astronomer learn about our closest celestial neighbor as they begin their journey on exploring the night sky.

14. Greenline Goods Whiskey Glass – Great for Dad

If your stargazer likes to observe from home while enjoying a drink to warm the belly during those cold nights, they need a whiskey glass. . . and probably some whiskey too.

The 10 oz. astronomy glass has a hand-drawn map of the constellations in the Northern skies. It has that good, solid feel in the hand thanks to the heavy base, it’s lead-free, and it’s dishwasher safe.

Star hop and sip in style as you gaze towards the skies.

15. Solar System Planetarium – Perfect for Kids

Solar System Planetarium

Who says your child must wait for a science project to build a solar system planetarium? Why not get working on one with your kid to spark an interest in astronomy or to share what may be their passion?

This kit is extremely popular due to its low price, crafting concept, and its small size. It won’t take up a ton of room, it comes with a glow-in-the-dark pen, and a couple other educational items kids will appreciate.

Encourage a love of learning by getting crafty with your kid!

16. Orion SkyLine Deluxe Green Laser Pointer

Orion Skyline Deluxe Green Laser Pointer

Have you ever tried to point out a specific star, planet, or constellation to a fellow observer that can’t follow your finger to the exact point?

If you’re stargazing with someone, it helps to have a laser pointer on hand that seems to touch the stars themselves. This makes it much easier to navigate the night sky with a friend. It’s not only helpful in this way, it can also be attached to a RACI finder scope to compliment the RACI even when only roughly aligned.

It takes conventional AAA batteries, is almost 6” in length, and it comes with a hard carry case.

17. Galaxy Lollipops

What’s better than being able to see the galaxies? Eating them. These amazing galaxy lollipops have captured the essence of galaxies in an edible form. Who knew you could create color and detail like this with sugar, corn syrup, and water? Vintage Confections obviously did.

These would be a one-of-a-kind gift to wrap up and deliver to the local astronomy club. If you have an astronomer grandchild with a sweet tooth, these might earn you some brownie points. However, for as unique as they are, it’s a shame they end up disappearing – in someone’s belly. Too pretty to eat? Who are we kidding? Everyone will want to test-taste a galaxy!

18. Orion Deluxe Accessory Case

Orion Deluxe Accessory Case

When an astronomer has started building their collection of telescope accessories, they need a place to keep them secure during storage and transport.

A reliable and ABS-clad option is a hard shell carry case. This Orion model is a large size that holds up to 8x 1.25” eyepieces and 3x 2” eyepieces. It also has die-cut spaces for additional accessories. The case shuts tight and keeps them all protected with locking latches and included keys.

This is one of those gifts that a telescope owner would appreciate as it’s a luxury item, although essential for some. It may not be an affordable accessory after they’ve spent a lot of money in acquiring the accessories to fill it. This presents an opportunity for you to buy them something they need.

19. Spaceman USB LED Light

Spaceman Usb Led Light

Could your astronomy friend use a little light in their lives? The Spaceman LED is a neat novelty item with a purpose. Plug it into an USB port and see what you’re doing a little better.

It has a bendable cable, the visor flips over to activate the LED, and it’s a great, small, and practical alternative to desk lamps.

This could be an ideal source of limited light when an astronomer is working on imaging or processing with their telescope and laptop. If anything, it’s a cute gadget that will remind your recipient of you.

20. Computerized Telescope

Celestron Nexstar 6se

It might be time to upgrade your astronomy lover’s telescope setup. If they’ve been using the same scope for several years and are desirous to start imaging or hone their planetary skills, they may be deserving of a new telescope.

The Celestron NexStar 6SE is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with a 6” aperture and a computerized alt-azimuth mount. It’s a lightweight and compact scope, allows for some imaging capability, and it’s pretty good for seeing planets. Need more info? Point your sights this way.

Motorized telescopes are expensive, and the good ones are even more so. To really treat that special someone, do it with a telescope upgrade.

21. Astronomy Coffee or Travel Mug

Do you get it? No life! It’s cute, funny, and appropriate. Your astronomy lover will smile when they’re fueling themselves up with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Winter nights are cold, but they can offer some of the best seeing conditions with clear skies and the long nights desirable to be out for productive observations.

Keep your gift recipient warm and their belly filled with some snacks and a very applicable graphic mug.

22. Uranus T-Shirt – Funny Gift

Uranus T Shirt

Teepublic has some of the best artists that come up with very unique t-shirt designs. If you laughed, you’ll know this facetious shirt is bound to make your recipient chuckle. Who says astronomy can’t be funny?

Spread a little light-hearted humor to those that will appreciate it.

Astronomy Gifting is Fun!

Astrononmy Lover Opening Telescope Gift On Christmas Morning

If there’s anything you’ve learned from this gifting guide, it should be that astronomy gifts can be unique, funny, educational, and practical. There are no hard and fast rules as gifts are the expression of thoughtfulness in of and itself.

Keep an open mind, think of anything to do with space, and have fun. You’re bound to find something you’d like to give and that your recipient would love!

More Astronomy Gift Ideas…

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