Generation Eclipse – #8 – Eye Safety

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#8:  SOME PEOPLE BELIEVE that it’s dangerous to look at an eclipse, no matter what.  However, this is not true.  Looking at an eclipse is no more dangerous than looking at the Sun any other time.  Naturally, you CANNOT stare directly at the Sun since this can damage your eyes.  But there are many safe methods for viewing the Sun, either through a proper solar filter or through a projected image.  The best and most simple type of solar filter is using specially-made eclipse glasses like Eclipse Shades.  These are inexpensive and readily available.  But be sure to ONLY use special solar filters!  Do NOT use anything NOT especially made for looking at the Sun, like CDs, mylar balloons or x-ray film.  These do NOT have enough optical density to protect your eyes!  See our Safe Viewing page for more info.

Have you heard these wacky urban legends about “dangerous eclipse rays” that can only destroy your eyes during an eclipse?  Don’t believe them!  There are no mysterious “eclipse rays.”  The only danger is to look at the unfiltered Sun during a partial phase of a solar eclipse, which a portion of the Sun’s bright disc is still visible.  A 100% total eclipse is TOTALLY SAFE to look at!  And a lunar eclipse is just as safe to view as the regular uneclipsed Moon!

Generation Eclipse is an educational comic strip feature by Jay Ryan, in the style of his SkyWise astronomy comic strip. Everyone is encouraged to share this strip in its original, unmodified form on their website and in social media, to help promote the eclipse.

ATTENTION TEACHERS AND EDITORS!!! Permission is granted for use of Generation Eclipse in classrooms and non-profit publications, such as astronomy and planetarium newsletters. Please contact us directly if you would like a 300 dpi file that can be reproduced as a half-page, 5.5″ x 8.5″ image.

FOR-SALE PUBLICATIONS – Please contact us directly for special permission to reproduce in any magazines, newspapers or other for-sale publications. This strip is not to be reproduced in any for-sale publications without special permission.

For more information on eclipses, check out our ebook series ECLIPSES ILLUSTRATED.

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  1. Michele Wistisen

    Thank you for this fun way to share information about the 2017 Eclipse.

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