Eclipse Temporary Camping – Casper, WY

In Casper, WY, I also have 5 spots for camping. It’s a dry camp self contained camper/rv only no water, no electric, no bathrooms I don’t provide anything except a spot to park. Pets are fine as long as they are leashed and watched because of where I live there is occasional deer rabbits and other wildlife that roam. I’m 1 mile from Hat Six Travel Plaza and 1 mile from water fill station. I’m 5 miles from the nearest Walmart but I’m in the country so no city noises or city lights. It’s $150/ a day, if you stay 3 days it’s $400 Witch will save you $50, if you stay 5 days it’s $600 witch will save you $150 witch equals a free day, if you stay a week it’s $800 witch will save you $250 witch equals a free day and a half.  Stephiane Winburn <>

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