We’re getting down to the wire!  The Coast-to-Coast USA eclipse of Monday, August 21, 2017 is only a year and a half away!  With such short time remaining, the American public is still mostly unaware of the amazing spectacle that will pass over the heads of millions!  There’s still a LOT of work to be done!  Explore our pages to learn more about this unprecedented American event!  And tell all your friends!

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  1. Dear Americans,

    It seems fortunate to me that the American public is still mostly unaware of the 2017 August 21 solar eclipse. Reason: my aim to plan my visit to the USA and record my reservation early, before all accomodations will be sold out. I want to travel with my family from Holland to a tourist-camp in the totality-belt, to enjoy the total solar eclipse during nice holidays in an attractive region with good meteorological statistics according to Jay Anderson’s chapter 5 in the Eclipse Bulletin 2017. I hope that some of you, US-citizens, can advise and help me to find a pair of tourist-camp bungalows. My preliminary thought is in the region north-west from Kansas City along the Kansas-Missouri-Nebraska border, because Kansas City has an international airport and weather statistics are reasonable.
    Together we are two adults about 72 years aged plus four adults about 43 years young and five children between 5 to 12 years young in August 2017. So we want to combine our eclipse journey with typical holiday-activities like enjoying nature, culture, swimming, recreation-ground for the playing kids, some indoor amusement to overcome rainy days.
    Please inform me about websites/adresses of appropriate tourist-camps. No need of exaggerated luxury.
    Please remember after your return from your eclipse chasing to Indonesia in March 2016 (that is too remote for me).

    Wil Carton, Castricum, NETHERLANDS

    • Dear Wil,

      I can’t speak for all Americans, but as far as I can see, there is ZERO awareness of the eclipse at the present time, mainly due to a lack of any sort of promotion in the media. I currently do not have any information about accommodations in Kansas City. We just launched the site this week and are still getting organized. I’d encourage you to look into it on your end, perhaps with a travel agent. Please subscribe to our newsletter, and we will share any information as it becomes available.

      Thanks for your interest. – jay

      PS: I’m not going to Indonesia! Not everyone has the $$$ for such outings! 🙂

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