Eclipse Across America – An Unprecedented Project

This fabulous eclipse picture was snapped by filmmaker Mark Liston Bender for his program EASTER ISLAND ECLIPSE for the National Geographic Channel.

Bender-EasterIslandEclipseMark’s latest project is Eclipse Across America, in which smartphone users viewing the 2017 eclipse will snap pictures all along the path of totality, from Oregon to South Carolina, resulting in a continuous 90 minute movie of the the eclipsed Sun.

This project is an unprecedented opportunity to observe 90 continuous minutes of activity in the Sun’s corona.  Never before has such a lengthy duration of totality been possible.  Being the first coast-to-coast USA Total Solar Eclipse since 1918, the path of totality is entirely encompassed within American borders, and the eclipse path does not cross into any other countries.

As the first such eclipse in a century, the Eclipse Across America project takes advantage of modern digital technology, utilized by potentially millions of eclipse observers.  The beauty of this project is, no fancy cameras are required!  A special app on a common smartphone records the pictures, along with precise time signatures and GPS coordinates, and automatically uploads for processing.  This means that anyone can participate, including you!  So why not do your part and contribute to “citizen science,” and help with this revolutionary endeavor. 

Visit the website and like the FB page!

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