BOOK REVIEW – See the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017

See the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017
by Michael Zeiler

Of all the eclipse-related products that have come out recently, this item is the most impressive!  It’s a handy little booklet, beautifully illustrated, and jam-packed with all sorts of useful information about viewing the 2017 USA eclipse.  Best part is, it only costs $9.99!  And if that’s not enough, you also get two pairs of Eclipse Shades!  You really can’t find a better value, or a more useful investment in preparing for next year’s eclipse.


The author, Michael Zeiler, is an experienced “eclipse chaser,” and he packs a wealth of experience into this small volume.  He describes all aspects of the eclipse viewing experience, what to look for, and how to observe the Sun safely before and after totality.  Clear, straightforward explanations are given describing the circumstances of which the Sun, Earth and Moon align to produce eclipses.

Detailed maps are given showing the precise local times across the USA when the various phases of eclipse will be seen on Eclipse Day 2017.  He also provides information for choosing an viewing location, based on statistical weather trends for that date.  Useful tips are provided for “chasing” the eclipse in the event of unexpected clouds at your eclipse destination, how you can relocate on short notice to a suitable viewing location.

Detailed descriptions of all the prime viewing locations are given, from coast to coast.  Much scientific and historical background is provided to help you appreciate the role eclipses have played in modern scientific discoveries.  Since Michael’s specialty is eclipse maps, a whole series of exquisite maps are included for each state along the path of totality, describing interesting features along the way.

Friends, I can’t recommend this little volume more highly.  It’s very fun and informative, beautifully combining utility and aesthetics.  And really, for ten bucks plus two pair of Shades, you won’t find a better value for any eclipse-related product.  While you’re visiting his sales page, also explore the rest of Michael’s site to learn more about the eclipse.  This is the premier site for the 2017 eclipse, and he’s been building it for several years, and it’s becoming a larger and more useful resource all the time.

Thumbs up!  Four stars!

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